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Plano de los barrios de Buenos Aires
• City of Buenos Aires
1- Agronomía
2- Almagro
3- Balvanera
4- Barracas
5- Belgrano
6- Boedo
7- Caballito
8- Chacarita
9- Coglhan
10- Colegiales
11- Constitución
12- Flores
13- Floresta
14- La Boca
15- La Paternal
16- Liniers
17- Mataderos
18- Monte Castro
19- Montserrat
20- Nueva Pompeya
21- Nuñez
22- Palermo
23- Parque Avellaneda
24- Parque Chacabuco
25- Parque Patricios
26- Puerto Madero
27- Recoleta - Barrio Norte
28- Retiro
29- Saavedra
30- San Cristóbal
31- San Nicolás
32- San Telmo
33- Velez Sarsfield
34- Versalles
35- Villa Crespo
36- Villa del Parque
37- Villa Devoto
38- Villa Lugano
39- Villa Luro
40- Villa Mitre
41- Villa Ortúzar
42- Villa Pueyrredón
43- Villa Real
44- Villa Riachuelo
45- Villa Santa Rita
46- Villa Soldati
47- Villa Urquiza
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Boca Juniors Museum
Buenos Aires City Tour
Tango Tour Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires Gay Friendly city                
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+ Tourism in Buenos Aires

Here are some tourism packages to enjoy Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires City Tour     Tigre & Parana Delta     Fiesta Gaucha     Boca Jrs Museum & Stadium     Dinner Tango Show  
    A trip throughout the city that will help you discover its spirit, its mystique, its enchantment. Through different neighborhoods like Retiro, Palermo, Recoleta. July 9th Ave. the Obelisk, Plaza De Mayo, San Telmo ...         Visit Olivos, San Isidro and residential neighborhoods. Take the Coast Train, cruise around the Delta islands in a motorboat, enjoy the coffee service. Visit the Fruit Market where you will find decorative articles in wood.         Experience the magic of the gaucho’s country life and the tranquility of a friendly town. Enjoy the traditional bbq (asado), empanadas (meat pies), dances, music, activities and gaucho skills. This is the Pampa.         Would you like to watch a football game at "La Bombonera" (the Chocolate Box), the Boca Jrs football stadium, in the La Boca neighbourhood or at "El Monumental", the River Plate football stadium, in the Nuñez?         We start by taking a class with top-notch teacher. Then you will have a great dinner. The show traces the history of tango from its beginnings in five memorable scenes. Without doubt, the finale to a memorable dinner.    
    Buenos Aires City Tour                 Fiesta Gaucha, Tourism in Buenos Aires                 Tango Supper-Show in Buenos Aires    
Hot Air Balloon in BA     Parachuting in BA     A day in Colonia | Uruguay     Luján Zoo     Temaiken Zoo  
    Live a unique experience. Would you like a hot air balloon ride at 200 metres? Don't be afraid, it's fantastic. This is your chance to do something totally different, a truly amazing adventure in Buenos Aires.         Feel the incredible adventure of jumping from a plane at 3000 metres and experience the freefall at over 200 kilometres per hour!
Crazy just for thrill seekers. Feel like?
        Spend a memorable day in Colonia del Sacramento, a beautiful town in the neighboring country (Uruguay) frozen in time. Tickets roundtrip speedboat, walking guided tour of the old town and lunch.         Come with us to Luján Zoo. You can touch and feed lions, tigers and elefants. You can ride on a camel. Also, there are many monkeys, sea lions, toucans, macaw, foxes, etc.
A unique experience!!
        The zoo has a variety of fauna from the whole world and conserves the habitats and microclimates of each animal. Its modern infrastructure makes it an ideal place to enjoy with the whole family.    
    Hot Air Balloon in Buenos Aires         Parachuting in Buenos Aires         A trip to Colonia, Uruguay         Visit Luján Zoo, in Buenos Aires         Zoológico Temaiken en Buenos Aires    
Bike Tour in Buenos Aires     Parque de la Costa     Buenos Aires | Transfer in-out              
    Want to know Buenos Aires in an unique and different way? Get on one of our bikes and come with our guides. We provide bikes, helmets, rain gear, child seat, medical and mineral water bottle.         A wonderful amusement park located in Tigre neighborhood. Attractions and live shows. Variety of games for all ages. Carrousel, roller coaster, Mini Jet, Crazy Bus, Little Farm, Mini Golf. A day to get fun and ...         Transfer service in comfortable units from the airport or from Aeroparque to Ezeiza your Hostel and vice versa. Capacity up to 3 passengers and their luggage by vehicle. The best prices.                        
    Bike Tour Buenos Aires, Argentina         Parque de diversiones en Buenos Aires         Transfer in-out Service, Argentina                        
Information about Buenos Aires Argentina
• What to do in Buenos Aires
+ Mataderos Fair
The perfect place to experience Argentine country life. Wide range of crafts and great “choripans”. There's also folk music and a dancing festival. Traditional horsemen demonstrations, tug of war, potato sack races. Sundays and Holidays from 11 am. Av. Lisandro de La Torre and Av. de los Corrales. Free entrance. Bus 103 at 800 Moreno Street.
+ San Telmo Antique Market
Antique coins, bottles, jewelry. Tango dancers. There are also great cafes and restaurants around the fair. Sundays only from 10 am to 5 p.m. Free entrance. Plaza Dorrego. Try the “Clericot” (Argentine sangria) at a cafe near the square. (Defensa and Humberto Primo Street).
+ Recoleta Cemetery and Craft Fair
This cemetery is very important for its funerary architecture. This is an impressive necropolis where the elite of Buenos Aires rests with the same splendor with which they lived. This is your opportunity to see the tomb of the famous Evita Perón. We recommend going there on weekends because there is a craft fair around the cemetery. Vicente López and Junín. Open daily from 7 am to 6 p.m. Free entrance. Bus 17 in Piedras and Avenida de Mayo.
+ Caminito – La Boca
This colorful street is the most popular street in the neighborhood of La Boca. There are very colorful houses and many talented artist display their work. This is a neighborhood well known for the influence that Italian immigrants have left on it. We recommend that you check out the Fine Arts Museum of La Boca (Pedro de Mendoza 1835.
+ Tango Show in Buenos Aires
We recommend that you see the tango show at a famous tango hall that is called "El Viejo Almacén". It is expensive but by far the best! Av. Independencia and Balcarce.
+ Café Tortoni
This is Buenos Aires' first café and still is the most picturesque. Open since 1880, their specialty is "churros" with hot chocolate. Well known for its many famous patrons throughout its history. This is a great place to listen to jazz and tango music in a unique ambiance. It has tango music every night. Avenida de Mayo 829.

• TOP recommendations for buenos aires
+ Tigre Delta and Islands + River Coast Train + Fun Fair
It is a scenery of total nature and one of the few tourist deltas in the world. We propose to discover its magic sailing along rivers and narrow channels. It´s only 30 minutes separated from the Capital City. But when you visit it, you´ll think you are hundreds of kilometers away. Take the Mitre train in Retiro Station.
+ Chinese Neighborhood
It is located in Belgrano Area. It has schools, hairdressers, a budist’s church, restaurants (oriental food). We recommend jasmine tea, sake and meditation at the Budist Church every Saturday at 7 pm. Arribeños 2100. Catch the bus 59 in 9th of July Avenue.
+ Colón Theatre
It is considered one of the great opera houses in the world due to its capacity, its perfect acoustics and its workshops. It is situated two blocks from the Obelisco, in 9th of July Avenue. Guided Tours in English every hour from 9 to 4.
+ Hang - gliding and Skydiving
You can experience your first hang- gliding flight in Buenos Aires! An instructor flies with you and the flight includes pictures or a film.
+ MALBA Museum
The Latin American Art Museum is one of the best museums in the city. It includes paintings of Diego Rivera, Berni, Jitrik, Xul Solar and Frida Kahlo. Conferences, Courses, Cinema, Restaurante and Mute Porno Films with live music on Saturdays midnight. Open daily 12 to 8 pm except Tuesdays. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415.
+ Palermo Art and Fashion Fair
Vanguard Designers. Located at the Plaza Julio Cortázar (Serrano and Honduras Street). Weekends only - Free entrance.
+ Café at the Avila Library – Alsina 500
One of the oldest bookshops in Buenos Aires. Ideal for hanging out, reading a book and listening to classical music. We recommend that you visit ”La Manzana de las Luces” in front of the library. This place includes the oldest colonial church in the city, the Jesuit Procuraduría and the National High School of Buenos Aires. Historical Tours around the place. Free entrance. Monday to Friday 3 pm. Only available in Spanish.
+ Carlos Gardel Museum
Located in the birthplace of this great tango singer. We recommend to have a coffee in the bar inside of the museum listening to tango songs. Jean Jaures 735. Line B of the Subway: Station Carlos Gardel.
+ San Telmo Fruits and Vegetables Market
Founded in 1879. This Buenos Aires tradition still operates as a market for fruits and vegetables. Pop in and take a look; it has quite a picturesque interior. Defensa and Estados Unidos.
+ Natural History Museum
This museum has meteorites, rocks and gems, a butterfly collection, and the Argentinosaurus, the biggest dinosaur ever discovered. Ángel Gallardo 470 - Open from 1 pm to 7 pm daily. Line B of the Subway: Station Ángel Gallardo.
+ Japanese Garden
Beautiful Japanese Ambiance! Avenida Casares and Berro.

• Buenos Aires Night Life | Where to Party
+ Pachá.Disco. The best techno DJs in Argentina. Costanera Norte.
+ Club 69. Buenos Aires' most underground night with a variety of electronic music. Breakdancers and transvestites. Niceto Vega and Humboldt.
+ Mint. Bar/club located next to Pachá disco. Good alternative to Pachá if you are looking for more variety in the music played. Pretty people and good drinks. Wednesday nights are best. Costanera Norte.
+ Bar Gibraltar. Buenos Aires' only English bar. Good curry, a good selection of draught beers and whiskeys. Located in San Telmo popular every night with foreigners. Estados Unidos and Perú.
+ Job´s. This bar is popular on weeknights. It has reasonable prices, pool tables and darts. Arenales 2932.
+ Kilkenny Bar. The most popular Irish Pub. Reconquista 900.
+ El Dorado. This club hosts Buenos Aires´ best drum and bass night every Tuesday. Two blocks from home it is located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 947.
+ Shamrock. Irish Bar. Bar upstairs and dance court downstairs. Women free entrance. Try the red beer. Rodríguez Peña and Libertad Street.
+ Palermo Soho. Bars, Ethnic Restaurants and disco area. Chill out atmosphere. Crowded on weekends. We recommend to check the bars around Plaza Julio Cortázar as Brujas, Macondo and Crónico.

• Where to eat in Buenos Aires
+ Grant´s. This is a great all you can eat buffets "tenedor libre" with a large variety of different dishes. Las Heras 1925.
+ Alsina 975. Muy buenas hamburguesas pero el plato del día es siempre lo mejor del menú. Mesas de pool.
+ Siga la Vaca. An authentic Argentinean Barbecue. All-inclusive system. Located in fashion Puerto Madero. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1714.
+ Asia de Cuba. Exotic food and after dinner, spectacular disco. Reservation suggested. Expensive. It is located near the river, in Puerto Madero Area.
+ Pizzería Las Cuartetas. Very traditional. Great pizza and desserts. Located in the “porteña Broadway”: Corrientes Avenue (in the intersection with Suipacha). The place is old but is vey fancy. Crowded on weekends.
+ Empire. Resto – Bar. An American Bar and thai food restaurant located in Downtown. Wine Bar, Happy Hour, Drink specials, Deejay. 427 Tres Sargentos Street. Line C of the Subway: Station Gral. San Martín.
+ Dashi. Sushi Bar. Japanese food. We recommend the classic sushi, hot rolls, the tofu steak and the sashimi; which go with Japanese beer or green tea is expensive but by far the best. Open daily, except for lunch on weekends. Salguero Street 2700.
+ Las Cañitas (area between Palermo and Belgrano) Really good restaurant and bar area . . .free lined streets, funky restaurants, cool bars!! Very good on weekends. We recommend two “parrilla” places: El Primo and El Portugués. Baéz Street. Bus 59 in Bernardo de Irigoyen and Alsina St. Two great bars: Voodoo and Soul Café, at Las Cañitas!!
+ BBQ in San Telmo. The place is not that nice, but backpackers love it!! We recommend the “matambrito tiernizado”. It`s crowded, so go early. Defensa and Arenales Street.

• Where to buy in Buenos Aires
+ Córdoba & Scalabrini Ortíz. On Av. Córdoba you can find familiar brands such as Levi´s, Wrangler, Adidas at reasonable prices. Subway Line B. Station: Malabia.
+ Once. This neighborhood is one of the cheapest places to get clothing in Buenos Aires. Argentine products at Argentine prices. Av. Corrientes and Pueyrredón. Line B of the metro. Station: Pueyrredon.
+ Alto Palermo Shopping. This is one of Buenos Aires' prettiest shopping centers. Av. Santa Fe and Bulnes. Line D of the Subway. Station: Bulnes.
+ Shopping Abasto. Located in the old Abasto Market it is a little more economical that Alto Palermo and it has a big food court. Av. Corrientes 3200. Line B of the Subway. Station: Carlos Gardel.
+ Florida Street. This is the pedestrian street in Buenos Aires; it is full of both tourists and office workers during weekdays. We recommend walking there during the weekdays to check out the stores. Great place to buy leather jackets and souvenirs.
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