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10 advantages of choosing a Hostel | Travel Tips

Por Alejandro Coudannes

Staying at a Hostel is an advantage in many ways:

1- Rates
Hostels are cheaper than Hotels or Bed & Breakfasts. You will save money and you will be able to afford a longer stay, excursions, outings or visits to other towns.

2- Making new friends
Hostels have certain areas that can be shared by guests from all over the world. You will listen to stories and anecdotes, meet people with broad travel experience, you will play pool and table football, watch movies, go dancing or go on excursions with them.

3- Activities at the Hostels and outings
Hostels usually organize different activities such as parties, tango lessons, Playstation tournaments, ping-pong or pool games. Sometimes you will enjoy a traditional argentine barbecue.
They will offer you a variety of entertainments. There are many options: you may go dancing, watch a football game at Boca Juniors Stadium, go sightseeing, see a tango show, visit a ranch, go on different excursions and enjoy alternative tourism and package tours.

4- Services
The number and quality of services offered by hostels is increasing due to the competition among Hostels. The rate usually includes: breakfast, internet access (very often Wi-Fi), lockers, luggage storage, room service and the use of a fully equipped kitchen for guests.

5- Hospitality
Hostels are well known for the hospitality offered by the young people in the staff who have acquired previous “hostel experience” and have traveled around the world. They know exactly what you need.

6- Timetable
If you are respectful of other guests and you do not make any annoying noise, you are free to stay in the shared areas or enter and leave the premises at any time.

7- A variety of rooms
You may ask for a single or double room or for a room for three, four, six or eight guests. These rooms may have private or shared bathrooms. There are different possibilities to suit your budget.

8- Cultural diversity
You will practice and improve your Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian or German with guests of different nationalities while staying at the hostel or going out together.

9- Welcome presents, promotions, discounts
On your arrival you will probably be welcomed with a drink and after a certain number of days at the hostel you may get a free day stay. You may also get discounts at bars, discos, theaters and cinemas.

10- Location
There are Hostels in the main neighborhoods of Buenos Aires with easy access to the points of interest. Here you can see a map of Hostels in Buenos Aires.


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Buenos Aires Hostels
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10 advantages of choosing a Hostel | Travel Tips