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06 Central Hostel Charlie's Hostel Tourism in Argentina Magandhi Hostel Hostel Parada La Bamba Student Hostel
Alojamiento en 06Central Hostel Consultá Charlies Hostel Buenos Aires Hacé tu reserva en Magandhi Hostel Hotel Parada
Right in the Downtown Area within walking distance from the pedestrians streets. Comfortable Hostel with great services & economic prices. It also works as Student Residence. What to do in Buenos Aires: City tour, Tigre Tour, Parachuting, Tango, Hot Air Balloon, Fiesta Gaucha ... In Belgrano, exclusive area of Buenos Aires. Private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, BBQ and Garden. The best price! A 19th century house recently remodelled that maintains its original structure & details. La Bamba will surprise you not only by its cheap prices, but its design, modernity, quality and services.
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In Belgrano area, fun & the best services: private bathroom in all bedrooms, breakfast, Wi-Fi, cable Tv ... Very safe & quiet. Private & shared rooms with TV & desk. Internet, kitchen, terrace. Recommended. A place for experienced travelers that know what they are looking for. Wi-fi , kitchen, bilingual staff. In Palermo Soho area, the coolest in BA. Beautiful house, breakfast, LCD, tours, Wi-Fi, colonial patio. Large common areas, excellent facilities, terrace with BBQ, entertainment room & equipped kitchen. Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, Spanish lessons, learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.
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Downtown BA Hostel La Morada Hostel Milonga Hostel Entis Residencia U. Palermo Soho Hostel Recoleta Residence
Alojamiento en Downtown BA Hostel La Morada Hostel Milonga Hostel Entis Residencia Universitaria en Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Palermo Soho Hostel Recoleta Residence, Buenos Aires
A few steps from Obelisco & Florida St. Private & shared rooms. A/C. Breakfast, Wi-Fi. Offers. Perfect combination of housing & hostel. In the heart of Palermo: close to tourist spots & universities. In Recoleta area with WiFi, cable Tv, bar, pool table, drinks, Tango classes. Stay 7 nights & pay only 6. Residence in San Telmo. Comfortable & safe place to live while you're studying in Buenos Aires. In Palermo Soho, the fashionable area of BA. Private & shared bedrooms. Breakfast ... A wonderful place, very close to the most important national universities and the Recoleta touristic area.
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In Palermo Soho. Double, single & common rooms. Sheets, towels, breakfast & internet access. Managed by its owners, in Buenos Aires downtown, all the services & facilities to make you feel at home. At the Center 5 blocks from Recoleta & the Obelisk. Meet the best places in Buenos Aires & friends. A comfortable place to enjoy a great stay in Buenos Aires. 10 minutes away from the main spots. List Hostels in Córdoba, Iguazú, Rosario, Salta, Bariloche, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Patagonia ... We take you on the Boca Juniors Tour: the Museum, the Stadium, historical objects, the locker rooms.
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In Palermo Soho, 3 block away from Plaza Serrano. Breakfast & WFI. Private & shared bedrooms. The 1st eco-friendly Hostel, in Palermo Soho: Hostel Boutique floor, Wifi, bar, terrace, private bathrooms. Information about Buenos Aires, articles, original photos , tips and a lot of recommendations. Go sailing along the rivers and branches on board of a modern craft & discover the natural paradise ... Experience the magic of the gaucho’s country life and the tranquility of a friendly town. Tango academies, lesson & professors. Learn tango, dance Tango in Buenos Aires. Tango shows.
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Residencia Belgrano Sudamerika Hostel Resi Esquina Porteña Residencia Bello Hostel Santa Isabel Siena-Residencia
Residencia Belgrano en Buenos Aires Sudamerika Hostel and Suites Buenos Aires Residencia Esquina Porteña en Buenos Aires Residencia Bello Hostel en Buenos Aires Hostel Sta Isabel, Centro de Buenos Aires
Come study in Buenos Aires & enjoy making new friends. The perfect place in Belgrano area. An old building completely recycled right in BA's Downtown. A fully sun lighted yard with bar ... Comfortable & nice house with clean spaces. Quick access to universities & places of entertainment. A quiet & safe place with all the facilities a student needs, just four blocks from the UBA of Agronomy. In the centre of the city, just 3 blocks from the Obelisc. Dormis, single & double rooms. Towels, breakfast. Hotel facilities: all rooms are private ensuite, with the option for air conditioning. Ideal location.
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La Taba Hostel                    
Residencia Hostel La Taba          
Served by its owners. PC, Wi-Fi, DVD, bar, breakfast. Terrace with BBQ. Just 5 blocks from Palermo.          
Hostel in Palermo Queens Villa Crespo La Taba Hostel
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