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Bariloche and Lake District | Tourism in Argentina

+ TOURISM IN ARGENTINA | Bariloche and Lake District

Bariloche is one of the most important cities in Patagonia and the biggest one. It is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, by the homonymous lake. Traditionally, Bariloche has been and still is the favorite destination among secondary school graduates. It is also a good choice for ski adepts, being known as the best ski resort in Argentina . The city, which has very good facilities, is surrounded by mountains and luxuriant green woods, a landscape similar to those of Switzerland . The imposing white peaks of the Andes are always on the background. If you come to this beautiful city taste the traditional chocolates and smoked products.

It is the classic tour and one of the most beautiful, all on tarmac. Circuito Chico is a walk to enjoy and taste. The scenic beauty is present in all the way. Various points along the way and some natural viewpoints, as Lopez Bay and Panoramic Point (Bahía López & Punto Panorámico), are ideal to behold this wonder. The Cerro Campanario (Belfry Hill) chairlift, located in the "middle landscape" (Km 17), elevated to enjoy the most beautiful view of the area. Against Puerto scarf, the Llao Llao Hotel and San Eduardo Chapel, are the unique attractions for visitors, as well as the traditional Swiss Colony.

Circuito Chico, besides landscape, offers other wonderful fabrics, candles and all kinds of crafts are an inescapable part of the ride. Also the soft trails Llao Llao Municipal Park offer the possibility of quiet walks in the woods with a myrtle sector worth seeing. San Pedro Peninsula, where you can visit farms and smokehouses. San Eduardo Chapel, with paintings Soldi. Puerto Pañuelo, where cruise catamarans Victoria Island and Puerto Blest. Villa Tacul, with beaches and lookout. Lago Escondido. Lopez Bay, with its hotel and grill. Arroyo Lopez, with trekking trail. Highlander Cemetery. Letters, with games for young people. Viewpoint. Lake Moreno. Laguna clover. Return to the city of Bariloche. Cerro Catedral: named for the shape of their beaks that resemble a Gothic cathedral. Cerro Catedral is the largest ski resort in South America.

Optional excursions in Bariloche:

    You can come up with vehicle from km 1 av. Pioneers, past the Piedras Blancas winter resort, skiing tracks, shelter and Berghof museum (former home of Otto Meiling). You can also climb by cable car from km to 5 of Pioneers Museum rotating cafeteria and casts of statues by Michelangelo.

    You can climb with chairlift or walking along a forest trail. There is a spectacular view confectionery Llao Llao and Lake Moreno, San Pedro Peninsula and surrounding areas. Good pastries.

    Limay River, Amphitheater, Enchanted Valley with amazing rock formations, confluence Traful Minero river, lake and gazebo Traful high Traful Portezuelo, Correntoso Lake, Mirror Lake, Villa La Angostura, Myrtle Forest Quetrihue on the peninsula, where Within walking distance of 12 km or boat. Cerro Bayo ski resort, Bahía Manzano peninsula and lush forests, Huemul arm.

    Lago Gutierrez, Mascardi lake, dock and lake navigation Mascardi, Lake Los Moscos, Manso river, lake Hess, waterfall The Larches, rapid, gazebo Heart Island, Hotel Tronador spring and confectionery, Pampa Linda, overlooking the glaciers Glaciers and landslides. Ascent to Tronador in summer with the Club Andino Bariloche. Prepare for amazement. This tour will show you something very special surprise. In addition to the impotence of the landscape, you will attend two rare phenomena. Visiting the Black Glacier whose origin is the immaculate white of the summit of Tronador. The whole area is that you will visit Atlantic and Pacific basin. This is why poster "Watershed" located between lakes Gutierrez and Mascardi. There is only through an area of ​​forests, lakes, beaches, mountains and waterfalls, with incredible scenery, is also witnessing two curiosities of nature.

    Going through Villa la Angostura, Lagos Correntoso, Mirror, Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso, Machonico, Meliquina, Lacar. A walk for the whole day, and there is always something more to see. The tour of this beautiful circuit, includes the entire range of scenery that can be enjoyed in this privileged region. The journey to San Martin, on a wooded path that crosses borders rivers and streams and several lakes (Nahuel Huapi - Correntoso - Mirror-Escondido - Villarino - Falkner and Machónico) on whose banks, some beaches and diverse viewpoints allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Bordering Lake Lacar, you get to San Martin de los Andes. Return to Step Cordoba offers a different show. After skirting the Lake Meliquina, the forest disappears to make room for such strange rock formations and beautiful. At Confluence, this magical landscape adds the Limay River winding blue forming the "Enchanted Valley" and "The Amphitheatre".

    Lagos Gutierrez and Guillermo Mascardi. 129 Km south of Bariloche along Route 258, is the town of El Bolson. Famous handicrafts and farms that produce fine fruits and sweets. A 6 km, Head of Indian and Mirador del Rio Azul offers some of the most beautiful scenery of the place. Located 16 Km Lake Puelo, with navigation, El Hoyo and Epuyen, with farms and fruit plantations and mills fine sweets.

    Shipped on catamaran trips. Puerto Blest has hotel, confectionery, trekking trail suspension bridge, waterfall Los Pitchers, with optional navigation Frías Lake, crossing to Chile. Victoria Island and myrtle forest in another way. Scarf embark on port, opposite the Llao-Llao. The tour starts in Puerto scarf, which can be reached by bus from the company line, or by car. In 30 minutes of navigation is reached Puerto Anchorena, located in the central area and narrower in the Island Here a chairlift allows convenient access to the confectionery and Cerro Bella Vista balcony from where a spectacular view appeared Anchorena Bay and farther across the area and Pañuelo Llao Llao. Other options include a trip to Puerto Gross and an old town, or the beach paintings and bull. After another stretch of navigation is reached in Myrtle Forest Quetrihue Peninsula. There, planks trails 600 meters, can observe magnificent specimens of this species (and lonely arbustias elsewhere) dimension here acquire pure tree considering forming a forest unique in the world because of their characteristics, reaching measure 18 m in height and aged 300 years.

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Bariloche and Lake District | Tourism in Argentina